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Development of a Rapid Cooling technology for commercial refrigeration applications

Rapidcool is a Framework Program 7 project, commissioned by the EC to reduce the energy requirements of commercial drinks.

Commercial air conditioners refrigerators and freezers are ubiquitous and are used in diverse environments such as Supermarkets, grocery stores, service stations, restaurants, hotels, pubs, and cafés. The most visible are vending machines and open or closed refrigerated cabinets such as open display cabinets. Joined industrial refrigerator/freezers are rated to consume 95 TWh of electricity per annum.

Three Industrial and two research-based partners from four EU countries have come together to engineer a fast, innovative cooler capable of chilling drinks on an as required basis, therefore, helping to address the low energy consumption challenge. The project partners, through the success of the project, were also able to enter approved negotiations with three global, multi-billion Euro firms in the fields of draft division and the making of white goods.

Our concept is to develop a flexible, modular cooling apparatus that can accommodate drinks cans and bottles and chill them from ambient (20°C) to 4-6°C using 25-50kJ of energy. We aim to achieve a cooling rate of 60 seconds for cans and 120 seconds for plastic bottles. The cooling chamber will be designed as a stand-alone cooling unit and could potentially replace any drinks-only open-cabinet fridges.

A key barrier to achieving rapid cooling is a good heat transfer rate and an effective method for ensuring the contents of the drink are cooled in a uniform fashion. The project will research the optimal conditions required to achieve a fast cooling rate while not adversely affecting the drink contents.

Work has begun to develop air conditioning capacitor at UMA Technology, not only for commercial applications initial envisaged but also for use in your homes. Look forward to seeing Rapidcool in the market place under the trademark "V-Tex."

More information (+ VIDEOS) on the future V-Tex product range can be found on:


Multi Rapidcool Prototypes